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Saltless Water Softeners

Discover the perfect water softening solution tailored to your specific climate and environment with our innovative offerings. Introducing two distinct salt-free softeners designed to meet your unique needs:

Roggie 1 System (Ideal for Colder Climates):

Unmatched in its performance, the Roggie 1 System is specifically crafted to excel in colder climates. Experience superior water softening without the use of salt, ensuring optimal efficiency even in the harshest winter conditions.

Roggie Scale Stopper (Best in Warmer Environments):

Tailored for warmer environments, the Roggie Scale Stopper sets the standard for salt-free water softening technology. Say goodbye to scale buildup and enjoy the benefits of softened water seamlessly adapted to the demands of your climate.

Choose the solution that aligns with your climate and embark on a journey to water softening excellence with our Roggie Water Conditioners.

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OneFlow® scale prevention solutions utilize media-assisted crystallization (MAC) technology to protect pipes, plumbing fixtures, and appliances from the adverse effects of hard water. This salt-free, chemical-free technology serves as a cost-effective and eco-friendly substitute for traditional water softeners or scale-sequestering devices.

OneFlow® stands out as a comprehensive solution for eliminating and preventing limescale, providing an innovative alternative to conventional water softeners. Its pioneering technology not only effectively combats limescale but also prioritizes environmental friendliness, sustainability, affordability, and energy efficiency.

WQA certified product

Water Quality Association Certified

The Water Quality Association (WQA), like other testing and certification agencies, is fully accredited by ANSI and SCC. The WQA Gold Seal Program tests and certifies drinking water treatment units, drinking water system components and other products to NSF/ANSI standards.

WQA’s Gold Seal is the oldest third-party testing and certification program in the water treatment industry. The easily recognized Gold Seal mark lets consumers know right up front that products will work as advertised and have been proven safe for household use.

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